Stop Cold Drafts From Entering Through Your Windows

December 9, 2019 Magnetite Info
Stop Cold Drafts From Entering Through Your Windows

Insulate them instead and save up to 30% on your energy bills!

Are you using plastic on your windows? Are your windows Old? Get Magnetite Now,

Sample installed with Magnetite on 1

Now that winter has arrived it is more important than ever to insulate your windows in order to keep cold air out and warm air in your house. Do not replace your old windows, simply use Magnetite for a fraction of the cost. Extra savings include over 30% on your energy bills.

What Our Customers Think?

"We tried out these add on acrylic panels on our living room windows. Since the whole wall of our living room is glass, the cold coming off of the glass was terrible. My dear wife was always cold sitting in her favorite chair. We had the MAGNETITE  panels installed in 2009 and immediately , the cold vanished. So of course, we have now got them on all of our windows."

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